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How to Find Your Best Wireless Thermometer

Digital thermometers are a great choice because of their displays and pricing that is affordable. Typically they include additional features such as fever and minimum/maximum readings memory. Barometric pressure measurements are also included in some models. Digital thermometers have the benefit of being able to send and record data automatically and many have the ability to accept the input signal.

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This feature allows for the addition of thermometers that are specialized, such as those with temperature probes letting you monitor a pool or spa. A remote thermometer can be used to track the temperature or wine cellar temperature in another place in your house.
The layout is absolutely amazing, giving you an easily readable screen from across the room, although having basic in feature set — a characteristic many of the components lacked.

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There are numerous other solid indoor outdoor wireless thermometers in this set depending upon your functionality needs. Without having to distinctly consider it due to poor design which makes the screen difficult to read – this may appear obvious, but it is easier said than done. A few of the displays displayed numbers reflected light in a way or displayed numbers badly. And very ironically, the color screened AcuRite Indoor thermometer was one of the hardest to read.

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If you’re in the market for a thermometer, first you need to decide what’s important to you. Temperature is an obvious one, but past a clock display, the feature set gets a little more grainy. If you are in a humid environment, you might want a unit that displays humidity.
While these are nice, in our opinion most features are not worth the tradeoff of screen readability for most folks. If it’s 6 PM, it is about to get cooler. It’s going to get warmer if it’s 9 AM. That part really isn’t rocket science!

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The choice basically comes down to how much you wish to balance feature set and also the ability to read the screen. The more features you add, the worse every unit performs. This might not matter to you whether it sits on your desk or you are a weather geek, but if you are placing it across the room, it may cause an annoyance.

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Not every unit is wireless, either. The colored AcuRite includes a battery-powered dim option, but that’s completely unreadable unless you manually activate the button on the top of the unit. It stays lit, but if you aren’t planning to dock it where it is readable if it’s plugged in, it won’t be usable for you.

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Summarized, the following list details the core features most of them have. All units have the features but as you get farther down, less will have it and they will be more expensive. It’s also our opinion that this list reflects what’s actually important to the majority of casual users, from most to least. Baby thermometer and basal thermometers can also be found on Taylor.

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