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How to Find Your Best Refrigerator Thermometer

A kitchen tool that registers temperatures from around -20°F to 80°F. This thermometer is important because frozen food that’s not maintained at 0°F or below will start to deteriorate, thereby losing both the quality and it’s nutrients. If refrigerated at the right temperature, however, it stays fresher. A freezer/refrigerator thermometer should be positioned near the front and top of the freezer and left there for at least 6 hours (without opening the door) until the temperature is checked. If the thermometer’s temperature doesn’t read 0°F or below, adjust the freezer’s temperature regulator and check in another 6 hours. Refrigerator temperature might be checked in exactly the exact same way.

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A temperature data logger, also called “temperature monitor”, is a mobile measurement instrument that’s capable of autonomously recording temperature within a defined time period. After it has been recorded, the digital data can be retrieved, viewed and evaluated. A data logger is used to collect temperature data.

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Before the sequence was published, 50 hospitals have banned mercury. One of these hospitals, the Philippine Heart Center was the first one to do so. By decreasing the quantity of mercury waste, the aim of the restrictions is to protect the environment and public health.

In the United States, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommend that alternative thermometers should be used for personal use.

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Reset your refrigerator temperature as the seasons change. Typically, the temperature dial turned up in the winter months and needs to be turned down in the summertime. Keep your refrigerator doors shut while you’re measuring the temperature to ensure the most precise reading!

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If the alterations do not change the actual temperature inside your fridge, then you should talk to an appliance repairman, to the manufacturer or to the shop where you purchased the appliance. If no solution can be found you may need to consider buying an alternative.

Even if your refrigerator has a digital temperature display, you still need to verify its accuracy with another appliance thermometer once or twice per year. In case you need baby thermometers we also have an entire collection of them!

You can learn more information about thermometry on Wikipedia page or purchase our wireless thermometer.

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