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How to Find Your Best Laser Thermometer

With many benefits regarding using an infrared thermometer (IR) apart from being very accurate, fast response times and extremely easy to use which are essential for remote temperature measurement. IR thermometers are a great temperature tool that allows temperature measurements to be taken without the need for contact with the object that requires testing. The consumer is kept to a distance from the item to eliminate any contamination especially if it’s a food item. The response time for an IR thermometer is usually instant. Displaying the temperature reading on the display screen is very fast and efficient.

Infra red laser thermometer

An IR thermometer is able to measure the surface temperature and not the internal temperature of the item. Our Infrared thermometer (IR) products range from our handheld mini IR laser thermometer to our infrared body temperature monitors to a professional high range handheld laser infrared thermometer which includes max-min features which detect infrared light waves from objects if there is a demand for non-contact temperature measurement.

non-contact infrared thermometer with laser targeting

On its most basic layout, an infrared thermometer consists of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy on a detector, which converts the energy to an electric signal which can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation.

This configuration facilitates temperature measurement without contact with the object from a distance. As such, the thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under conditions where thermocouples or probe type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data readings.

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Pyrometers allow users to measure temperature in applications. The critical considerations for any infrared pyrometer include the field of view (target size and distance), type of surface being measured (emissivity considerations), spectral response (for atmospheric effects or transmission through surfaces), temperature range and mounting (handheld mobile or fixed mount). Factors include signal processing, environment limitations, viewing window or port applications, and response time.

digital laser thermometer

The field of view is the angle of vision at the instrument operates and is determined by the optics of this unit. The target being measured should completely fill the field of view of the instrument, to get an accurate temperature reading. A measurement error can occur if the background temperature is different from the object temperature because the infrared device determines the temperature of all surfaces within the field of view.

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OMEGA offers a solution. OMEGA infrared pyrometers feature patented laser switchable from circle to dot. In the circle manner, an integrated laser sighting makes a 12-point circle that clearly indicates the target area being measured. At the dot mode, a single laser dot marks the center of the measurement area. First of all, determine the field of view (target size and distance) and consider the type of surface that is being measured and its emissivity.

non contact infrared thermometer with laser targeting

Analyze the spectral response for effects or transmission through surfaces and specify the temperature range along with the needs. Also, don’t forget – environment, limitations that are mounting, viewing window or port software response time, and the desired signal. We also offer mercury thermometers!

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