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How to Find Your Best Baby Thermometer

An accurate thermometer is a vital first-aid tool for parents. Feeling warmth can alert you to a problem, but it does not tell you the entire story. For babies younger than 4 months, even a fever can be a sign of a serious illness or infection.

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Rectal thermometers always give the most accurate results, which is very important for newborns. They’re found in any grocery or drugstore and are quite inexpensive. They may require a bit of waiting, which can make a child cranky or make you wake him up in order to get a temperature reading. Parents are also worried about harming their child by taking a rectal temperature reading. It’s actually impossible to insert them too far.

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Multi use thermometers read body temperature using a sensor that’s usually found in a little metal tip at one end. With this sort of thermometer, you can take your child’s temperature orally, rectally, or under the arm (axillary). These are one of the easiest and least expensive of all thermometers, and highly accurate readings are given them whenever you may decide to use them.

Temporal artery thermometers are a newer and pricier kind. They use an infrared scanner to assess the temperature of the artery. A swipe across the forehead is enough to show a reading. They are convenient, safe, and comfortable and are now used in several hospitals. In the past several years they were recommended for children 3 months and older, but research suggests they’re accurate at any age. Make sure to double-check the reading!

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Ear thermometers, or tympanic thermometers, use an infrared ray to measure the temperature inside your child’s ear canal. They are not uncomfortable, safe, and generally quick. They can be a bit more tricky to use than other thermometers because they need to be inserted just right to receive an accurate, consistent reading. They’re recommended for children 6 months and older. Read more about baby thermometers here.

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Behind-the-ear thermometers are very similar to temporal-artery thermometers, except that they receive their readings from the carotid artery close to the hollow behind your ear. These types of thermometers are a few of the newest on the market, so the jury’s still out on the accuracy of their readings, but they may be used on a child.

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Oral thermometers are ideal for children at least 4 years old who will safely hold a basal thermometer under their tongue for the time needed to get an accurate reading. They’re secure, convenient, and simple, but not as accurate as rectal, ear, or temporal thermometers. They can be used with a kid of any age.

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Smart thermometers are the newest kind of thermometers currently available on the market. They are designed to interface with other devices or mobile phones. Some have a wearable patch that you place on your baby’s underarm. Others involve a candy thermometer that uses the info to be sent by Wi-Fi. The temperature can be tracked or graphed over time, and information can be easily shared with medical professionals or caregivers.

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